You may have heard of DIESEL BUG.  But what is it?  


If you own a diesel vehicle then you should know about diesel bug.

Diesel is an organic fuel and therefore a food to microscopic fungi, yeast and bacteria.

These separate independent living cells can grow into a thick colony of fungus able to be seen with the naked eye. This is DIESEL BUG.

The colour of this fungi ranges from black to brown and may be noticed in fuel filters and fittings.

Diesel Bug has very serious and adverse affects on diesel engines. It can cause loss of power, poor fuel economy, clogged filters, reduced horsepower and increases exhaust emissions. The toxic acids found in the fungus corrodes the metal components in the fuel system and attack the injectors, pumps, fuel tanks and other components in the fuel system causing irreparable and expensive damage. 

Diesel Bug can be killed off by using a biocide diesel treatment.

 All fuel tanks “sweat” which naturally allows water to accumulate in tanks.


Don’t let diesel bug cause you problems!


To minimise the opportunity for diesel bug to contaminate a fuel system, follow these simple rules;

1. Use diesel only from clean suppliers and containers.

2. Make sure the fuel storage tank is secured against moisture entering. IE: Use a sealed tap cap.

3. Have a drain point at the low end of the fuel storage tank to allow water  to be drained off periodically.

4. Change the fuel filters on vehicles and storage tanks on a regular basis.

With the advent of COMMON RAIL diesel systems and its extremely high operating pressures, clean fuel is even more paramount to the life of the fuel components and the efficiency of the system.




CRV Equipment, Wanganui’s Heavy Machinery & Diesel Specialists, are agents for DE-BUG.

DE-BUG is a device designed to kill diesel bug. De-BUG is easy to install, maintenance free and tried and proven.

CRV Equipment also supplies fuel additive for bulk tanks that treats fuel against the awful diesel bug.